“Άδραξε τη μέρα” / Seize the Day / Carpe Diem

An Architect is a person that can see a diamond, where anybody else can see only dust and rocks.

Architecture is not a job, nor just a profession. It is life itself.

She requires devotion, passion, and persistence in a life-time pursuit for knowledge and observation of human beings and structures. It is utterly important to respect the needs of every occupant while following the path of “Form follows function” as ergonomics is at the top priority of every floorplan where people are intended to live in. The design process we follow each time is one to set us off the comfort zone.

Imagine a right handed person trying to write a long document using his/hers left hand or vice versa.

Using this process, we manage to avoid – as much as we can - mannerism or affectation within our delivered products. A short observation of our extended portfolio demonstrates use of different forms, concepts, materials, construction methods and feelings of spaces. As a team, we are proud of this hard path we deliberately follow, as the outcome rewards us for the effort. Above all, we share an immense love for what we do, as we consider the presence of each occupant, to be of extreme importance for the quality and course of their lives.


The team is made up of engineers with a multidisciplinary background in the implementation of private projects and buildings. Today, the firm consists of a team of 30+ experienced and talented Architectural Engineers. Our goal is to create spaces that combine high functional performance with innovative aesthetics, and we have never stopped evolving, enriching our architectural vocabulary. We aim to creatively apply our knowledge by listening to our clients' needs and ideas, while aiming for the highest quality of building construction.

The firm has been shortlisted for the Greek Architecture Awards in 2010 and 2011, and has represented Greece at the European 40 under 40 Awards in 2020.

We design as a team and the best idea always prevails. We seek to respect each individual character and personality. The office is guided by a team of architects, who decide with a fully democratic methodology on all aspects of the office. We speak to each other only in the singular.

Teams are occasionally mixed in order to help interpersonal relationships within the team-family. The best idea always prevails, regardless of who it comes from. The Office's pyramidal structure ensures that all projects are consistently led by engineers with targeted expertise, corresponding to the area where their expertise is required.

The ideal working environment is a utopia. Nevertheless, as a team of professionals with a diversity of characters and abilities, we make every effort to work together in harmony to achieve the best results.


We have an experienced team consisting of site engineers, who are personally employed on each building, supported by the technical team of architects, who ensure that the financial and time management of the project proceeds smoothly, while the communication between the design and construction departments is daily and direct.

Our construction management process can be applied to any of our buildings and projects regardless of typology, size, complexity or financial budget. The distinguishing feature of our building management methodology is the flexibility and transparency that we offer our clientele in terms of the choice of structure modes, subcontractor crews or companies and suppliers.

We work with experienced subcontractors and material companies that hold ISO process certificates - as we do, striving to maintain the high standards we have set on all our projects. We consider it essential to closely monitor the schedule at every stage until final delivery, and buildings are designed holistically, including structural, mechanical, telecommunications and security, being in daily communication with the partner offices.

Bioclimatic Architecture

Having as guides the functionality, the coherence to our architectural vocabulary, the adaptation to any local conditions and the respect to the environment the construction quality, we design and build having a high feeling of responsibility.

We consider that each building should interact, respect and coexist organically with the surrounding environment. A live organism easily controllable by the user, having the lowest possible energy consumption and emissions to the atmosphere.

Even from the first stages of the design process, the major principles of sustainable architecture are affecting the decision making. Using daylight and occasionally thermal simulation, our creations evolve and improve having as upmost target the provision of the perfect shelter.

Practical application and integration of renewable energy systems in collaboration with accredited companies in Greece, being used in any kind of building type, ensures the good practice energy rating of the building. Green is Beautiful. Sustainable architecture has to respect all the functional and ergonomic virtues but also give priority to the aesthetics.

Branding / Marketing

The Office team combines innovative dynamic aesthetics and ergonomic design always in collaboration with the initial conception of an idea. For decades we have been creating successful corporate profiles, logos, marketing brochures that are an integral part of the commercial success of a business or project.

It is extremely important that the concept that accompanies the name and the direction of the quality of the design is consistent with the form of the building and the spaces we create for each client. Over the past few years, in conjunction with the design and construction of each building, we have created corporate identities for Business Development, Hotels and residential projects.

We work with the client team to create the brand that characterizes and distinguishes each creation from the competition. Also, in order to help sell the properties we design, we produce on demand, a multi-page brochure that includes sketches, drawings, images and materials of the project to be created.